tickets go on sale for the madonna concert in just 42 minutes.  i am all ready – i have the ticketmaster website up, i realized that i already have a ticketmaster account and am signed up, kevin is on standby to help buy some of the tix if there’s a limit, all is readiness.

madonna will be in st. louis on november 1st, but she’s touring all around the world.  just looking at her schedule is exhausting.  she must drink really powerful energy shakes.

amy just told me she went to a madonna concert a really long time ago and they sat literally in back of the stage, and could only see the huge video screens but it seems that all she could see was the back.  but she said it was the best concert she’s ever been to.  and amy has been to many concerts.  so we’re gonna try to go.  i’ll let you know in JUST OVER THIRTY FIVE MINUTES.

chester is most photogenic outside.

i love it when the geese stand up on the  bird feeder.

it snowed last night, but i’m trying to ignore it.  lester and chester are, of course, embracing it and i had to let them out at seven this morning.  we looked out later and les was lying comfortably on the snow-covered chair, watching the birds.  he was out there for a good long time.

crazy kitty.

ok, now i wait for JUST A LITTLE BIT LONGER.