just kidding.  we are here at mom and dad’s, watching the game.  at least jim is earnestly watching the game.  maybe kevin is too.  we’re all watching the ads.  i’ve already seen a couple of cute ones involving clydesdales.

and OH MY GOD i didn’t know there was a new star trek movie coming out!  with brad pitt!  a young james kirk and mr. spock!  mind-blowing, that’s all i have to say. very exciting.

we saw “gran torino” on friday night, and then i had a nightmare about it.  i suppose you could say it’s well-made, and of course clint eastwood did a very good job…but i just couldn’t deal with the brutality. 

i just want to go to fun movies.  escape films.  or not even escape films; dramas can be good.  it’s just all that violence, i don’t want to see it. 

i have to go now, the ads are back on.

ok then,

sunday night football mayhem grace.