sorry that i didn’t write that sooner.  mom’s birthday was on thursday.  we went out to dinner thursday night, and then went out to dinner again last night.  before dinner last night, though, we went to a wine-tasting at the motor boat club and i tasted many little bitty glasses of wine.  many were quite delicious.

a good time was had by all.  or i guess they had a good time; i was too busy enjoying the different wines to pay that much attention.

somebody sent me a link to this photo a while ago and i was going to put it up here but then i forgot but then somebody else just sent it to me.  you can double-click anywhere on the photo and it zooms in…and just keeps zooming.  you can even zoom in on people way, way in the back.

it’s quite incredible, but you’ve probably already seen it.  but if you haven’t, you must click below:

Amazing Inauguration Photo

that is all for this sunday evening.

ok then,

grace hughes