We went back to the fair on August 18th, and once again I spent a little time watching the horses. After that we got to see the high divers and it was nice to see them late in the day because I’d only ever viewed them when the sun was blazing down. They actually cut the show short because it was getting so dark and you can just barely see the final act, the guy who dove off the very very high dive.

He landed safely, whew. I mean of course he landed safely but the announcer guy talked it up quite a bit, acting like there was a chance that he’d somehow plunge to his death. I wonder how that’d be even possible?

After that we stopped by the Route 66 display and it looked pretty cool all lit up.

The next night, a sunset boat ride. Must take more of them next year.

And actually, must take some more this year…we don’t have to take the boat out til the end of October so there’s no reason not to go for at least a few more sunset cruises.

Ok then,

Mrs. First Day of Fall Hughes.