i just looked at the weather on weather.com because i’m a little bit obsessive about the weather especially when it’s SUDDENLY WINTER like this.

and it informed me that it’s 21 outside but it FEELS LIKE SEVEN.

luckily i’m never going outside again until spring.

today i took the dogs running and i keep thinking that there will be no more warm(ish) days for doing that but now i feel that FINALLY THIS IS TRUE.

seven.  damn.

am i going to spend the entire winter bitterly complaining about the cold?  it’s just that it hasn’t been so bad, there has been NO SNOW, but all of a sudden…winter.  i’m not ready.  i’m wearing my fabulous puffs of paradise shoe-slippers so at least my feet are warm.  and we got in the hot tub for a while earlier and i LOVE that hot tub because you feel totally warm for quite a while afterwards.  it does make you ridiculous sleepy which is why kevin is already asleep but also he had a busy day – he spent it cleaning out one of the many garage bays in order to get the van into the garage.  and then it started snowing.  so, perfect.  no need to scrape the horrible SNOW AND ICE off the van tomorrow before i go work out.


which i might.

and now i must sleep, because that hot tub did make me feel very very sleepy.

i put lots of christmas lights up outside today.  too bad nobody sees them.  tonight i kept going outside (because i was totally warm from the hot tubbing) to look at them.  they were quite beautiful but it was snowing/freezing rain so i didn’t stay outside very long.  maybe we’ll need to have a little holiday get-together, nothing big, but just enough so that people can come over and look at the lights.

i really must go to bed now.  goodnight.

ok then,

grace suddenly deep in the heart of winter.  starting to think about warm travel destinations.  how about pasadena, where they shipped in a half a block of snow so that kids could believe they knew what snow was actually like but of course a half a block of snow is nothing like the REAL DEAL which involves cold weather and gray skies, at least here in illinois.