birthday, cake, blah blah blah…but MORE IMPORTANTLY, kevin was on the NEWS on the  morning of my birthday, last thursday.  it was a six a.m., so you probably missed it.

i’m in the video a little bit, too.  most of the time you can’t see me, but i’m the one wearing the red tennis shoes.

Mark Rivera  from WAND TV came to the house last week and interviewed kevin about fencing because of the olympics (no, kevin is not going to be in the olympics), and Mark asked him millions of questions, and then he fenced with kevin, and i fenced with kevin, and Mark and i fenced each other, and it took a very, very long time.  it was fun, though, and very awesome because we were forced to take a break from painting and fixing up the duplex.

you can see mollie in at least one of the shots.  she was right there the whole time.  at first she barked at mark and the cameraman of course, but then she settled down and took a nap in the driveway as all the fencing was going on around her.  luckily nobody tripped over her.

ok then,

mrs. really tired on saturday night hughes.