After our lovely hike on Dec. 8th, we enjoyed dinner at the Starved Rock dining room. The giant fireplace was decorated for Xmas.

I had…beef something, with mushrooms, and Kevin had pot roast. All was delicious, and once again hardly any others were in the dining room.

For dessert we shared an almost too sweet cinnamon roll bread pudding. You know it has to be over the top sweet if it’s too sweet for me. We didn’t even finish it. Unprecedented, I always finish dessert.

Afterwards Kevin quickly lit a fire in our cabin. It was great to be there in cold weather because we’d had a fire in the cabin during other visits when it was really too warm to have one.

Typing this makes me want to go back this winter, but I’m sure there’s already snow and ice on the trails. Hmm, I do have spiky things to attach to the bottoms of my boots, I wonder if they’d make hiking possible. Even with spikes it seems id’ be kind of treacherous, especially for me since I fall down on smooth pavement for no reason at all.

Living is risky.

Ok then,

Mrs. Gray Monday Morning Hughes.