The funny thing is, it was challenging to write that last post while we had no power because I had to do it on my ipad. I finally finished it at about 7:50 in the evening and proceeded to water the flowers on the back deck. Amy called me as I watered but I didn’t have my phone with me, only my watch, and I couldn’t hear her so I interrupted my watering to go inside and call her back.

THE POWER IS ON! she said. I looked around the house and sure enough, lights were on. It’s so funny that it went back on so quickly after I’d finished writing about it being out. It was such a relief. Five nights of no power, but it seemed like a much longer time.

So far I’ve been much more appreciative of electricity, the fact that I can walk into a room and turn on the light instead of always taking a flashlight with me. We didn’t have to have our turbo-charged fan set up in the living room to blow air on us all the time. The generator was silenced.

We’d have been lost without the generator, and without Kevin to turn it on and keep it running.

But here’s some stuff from before darkness hit. I’m pretty confident that there was never winter wheat planted in the fields where I run across the street. Corn and beans, that’s it. I’d never experienced winter wheat and I somehow thought it’d grow in the winter but it didn’t, but by June it was quite lovely. One day in the beginning of June I just had to stop and take some photos.

The next time I went running I saw a deer lying in the wheat with its head sticking out. This is actually the second deer I spotted.

This is June 27th, when they’d started taking down the winter wheat. They don’t cut down the whole stalk, just the top, and they leave the stems in the ground. Kevin said they’ll then cut all that down and it becomes hay. Who knew?

I saw the wheat pouring out of the harvester into the truck and had to stop and watch.

Meanwhile, Kevin hasn’t been able to launch his sailboat yet, but he did get out on his sunfish.

I just realized that I haven’t been out on my boat much at all so far this summer, and I must rectify that situation. I’ve been doing too much yard work. I do think most of the yard work is done for now, so I need to get out there. It’ll be winter before we know it.

Ok then,

Mrs. Illuminated Hughes.