and i woke up very early for me.  sometime around 6:00, winnie started meowing at kevin, crawling around on him, lying on top of his head.  how can kevin sleep through all that?  winnie would stop and purr for a bit, then commence with the meowing and tromping all around.

finally, kevin woke up close to 7:00, and i got up, too, because i’m trying to perfect my shot-giving skills.  Winston was diagnosed with diabetes on tuesday – when we go back from Wales, i knew he was much thinher than when we left.  bev and amy tried to convince me that it was just him getting older, but i knew hat that much weight loss so fast couldn’t be good.  so the vet came and tested his blood, which was 460 – very very high; it should be about 120.

kevin said that winnie probably got it from him.

so now he gets two shots a day, tiny little amounts of insulin, and he’s on a high-protein diet and he’s still always SO VERY HUNGRY.  he’s pretty good about getting a shot, but i just need to practice more to become totally proficient at it.

it’s a good thing it didn’t happen to chester, because i don’t know how the vet could have drawn any blood on him, much less giving him a shot every day.  everybody is now on this high protein diet, which is better for cats, and hopefully chester will lose a little weight so he doesn’t get diabetes, too.

whew.  it’s always something.

i’ve been sitting here on the couch looking at photos from our trip, and they’re so beautiful.  i keep hearing that it’s better to have memories than photos, but if i didn’t have the photos, i couldn’t possibly remember all that beauty, so i’m glad we stopped about every five minutes to take another pictures.

i’m not going to post any more photos til i get my new video editing software, so i can include videos.  it should arrive any day now.  i’m excited about that.

meanwhile…randy got two new darling kitties, and here they are.  the first one is about a year old, kind of skittish.  the other one is only about 6 weeks old, tiny and crazy and cute.  randy isn’t sure about their names yet.

Al.  Probably.

Al. Probably.

The older cat above was named alice, which he wasn’t crazy about, so he might call her Al, but so far he’s just referred to her as “the older cat.”

And he calls the tiny ball of energy “the tiny cat,” although he’s pretty sure he’s going to go with Bustapher, buster for short.  i visited them on sunday, the day after he got them, and buster was tearing and skittering all over the place and climbing up randy’s pant leg.  nothing is as energetic as a tiny kitten.

Bustapher?  Buster.  Maybe.

Bustapher? Buster. Maybe.

my aunt sandy came to visit last weekend and we went to The Farm.  it was a beautiful day, nice for walking arund in the garden, which always looks great no matter what time of year.

The Farm!

The Farm!


i love the bright purple berries on these plants; they don’t even look real, they’re so vibrant.  i’d like to get some.  i took a picture of their name, in case i actually manage to look for them.


berry beauty, a very appropriate name.


for once, i didn’t buy one thing there at the farm – i do love their stuff, and i like to support them, but i just wasn’t in a buying mood, probably because of my feeling that i don’t need one single more thing to add to our already very crowded home.

it’s another beautiful day today, and i’m going to bike to yoga soon.

i hope your thursday is a good one,

mrs. october already hughes.