i woke up at 6:30, decided to stay in bed and pet poor tiny lester til 7:00.  why get up before it’s light outside, anyway?

well, there’s yesterday morning, when i got up at FIVE THIRTY.  ridiculous.  RIDICULOUS.

kevin had gotten up at 5:00.

this morning, somewhat more civilized.

i bought some gel gems that you stick tiny lights into, called “gel lights,” and first thing this morning i read the instructions and one of them was DO NOT EAT THE GEL GEMS.

dang, that was going to be my breakfast!  a few gel gems along with my lapsang souchong.


dang again.

last night i went to erica’s lovely xmas party and ate way, way, way too much.

the good news is that my foot is all better so i can attempt to exercise at least a couple of the over one million calories away.

but then there’s the nonstop cookie baking i keep doing…

i can’t help myself.

this morning, for some reason (probably all the residual buzz from the huge amounts of sugar i keep consuming), i’m feeling energized and motivated.  i’m gonna get EVERYTHING done!

well, at least something.  hopefully.

first, here are most of my photos from november.  not so bad, really; it’s not even the middle of december yet!  but really, i’m gonna get all the rest from november posted, plus i’m going to start on december!  whoo hoo, motivated!

hopefully i won’t crash and burn in an hour or two.

ok then…

bev’s birthday.  randy gave her a fabulous gift, the wrapping decorated with candy.  what a great idea that is, candy on gift wrap, why don’t people do that more often?  maybe i’ll put candies on all my xmas gifts, which, incidentally, i might start wrapping today!

here’s the beautiful watercolor and ink kitty.

since i usually don’t have photos of me, here i am, at night, modeling my sexy new cupcake flannel jammies.  i love them more than even my fleece jammies, cause the fleece ones have gotten a little bit worn because of the constant wearing.

chester, on the alert as we cleaned the boat for winter.

my neighbor bernice, her daughter karen and i went to some xmas decorating thing at scheel’s.  maybe you know how way, way out of my usual time of activity this is for me, but i thought it would be nice to go with bernice, who loves stufrf like this.  it was ok, not too long anyway, plus they had free little cakes and stuff.

chester, keeping guard as we organized our popup camper.

november 10th, the last brave little flower.

we were at menard’s and kevin really, really wanted to get this cute snoopy woodstock decoration.  i finally relented, and i’ve been happy looking at it every single day.  it’s indoor/outdoor, but we figured it’d get kind of beat up outside, plus we couldn’t see it as much, so it’s in our living room instead.

100% darling, as usual.

i bought this before thanksgiving and it’s still sitting on my kitchen counter and will probably be there permanently.  i just thought it was so funny.

bernice’s husband, rich, is at the bridge rehab center, and i went with bernice for their thanksgiving meal, which was a full week early.  it wasn’t bad, but the best part was this darling and delicious turkey chocolate cupcake.  mmm, cupcakes, i’d eat one right now if i had one.

chester, always stretched out so long.

erica’s cat heidi, who also sprawls and is very darling.  at the party last night i petted her as she was snuggled on a pillow in erica’s closet.  she only swiped at me once, and didn’t bite me at all!

erica bought me this a few years ago for my birthday, and it’s one of my favorite things.  because it’s my main cutting board, i look at it many times a day, and it always makes me smile.

chester is happy to lounge like this for a very long time.

maybe his last walk for the year, although if it really gets up into the 50s tomorrow, maybe les and i will stroll a little then.

i put up the outside decorations on november 22nd, because it was warm outside.  we’ve added another decoration, which i’ll have to show you VERY VERY SOON.

all right already, i must burst into action now,

mrs. saturday morning hughes.