last week we decided to watch an episode of Dr. Who; we’d watched one maybe a year ago because kevin used to watch the old Dr. who.

so let me just say that NOW WE ARE TOTAL ADDICTS.

last week mollie had a vet appointment, a regular checkup.  it was for 2:15.

We had started watching dr. who at 1:00, and at 2:25, the vet’s office called to find out where we might be. i apologized profusely for forgetting about the appointment, and the guy said she could come in at 4:00.  i thanked him a lot and apologized a lot more.

and then, AT SEVEN P.M., kevin said to me “we forgot the appointment again.”

because, YES, we had been sitting there watching ALL AFTERNOON.

bad bad bad, that’s all i have to say.

also, i think it’s not helping me to get to sleep at night.  after watching three (or was it four?) espisodes in a row last night, i felt a little too wound up to get to sleep.

very, very bad.

Dr. Who started in 1963, and ran til 1989, then was off the air for a good long time.  it didn’t start up til 2005.

there was a big all-day marathon last week because of the new season starting.

we’ve been bouncing all over the place in dr. who-land (not to be confused with whoville, of course, but i think that an episode of dr. who should take him there to whoville and the grinch; it would be a brilliant xmas special!).  for some reason we watched the beginning of series 5, with the newest Dr., matt smith.  we watched a few of them (there are 13 in all plus a couple of specials), and then skipped back to series 3.  we watched the first one, and then were going to watch the last one, but realized that we had no idea what was happening, so we had to watch the second-to last.

we then went back to series five and finished that off, and now we’re nearing the end of series six, and then we will start on the very newest season.

but wait, first we have to go back and see all of series four, because it’s only going to be On Demand til October 1st.  that’s the series that had the english woman with the mole on her chin from the office.

but wait, i looked it up on streaming amazon, and we can watch season four there!  plus they have many, many of the other seasons, including all of season three, plus the first two seasons, PLUS many if not all of the older seasons from way way WAY back when.

so if you want to know what i’m doing from now till forever, i’ll be WATCHING DR. WHO.

only taking time out to take more pictures of the kitties…

after ENTIRELY FORGETTING, TWICE, mollie’s vet appointment, i did manage to get lester to the vet.

he was TERRIFIED.  he tried to hide behind my purse, which wasn’t nearly big enough for the poor little guy.  i wanted the vet to LOVE LOVE LOVE him as we all do, but les didn’t make a noise, he didn’t do his cute little “meow” that is MUCH CUTER than any other cat’s meow, he didn’t purr, he didn’t do anything but try to shrink himself up.

here he is last year, right after i found him in the menard’s parking lot.  he stretched out on the sofa then, totally relaxed and mellow and just happy to not be in a parking lot.  chillin.   after he sprawled on the sofa, he stretched out on top of the scale in order to be weighed and petted and admired.

here he is, on another walk.  winnie is curious.

all that exercise made winnie thirsty, so he walked down the rocks to get a tasty drink.

here, they’re both enjoying themselves.

the other day i babysat noodle and numie.  i think they look like a pushmi- pullyu.  i told amy this and she had never heard of a pushmi-pullyu!  it’s a two headed animal, of course, in the wonderful dr. doolittle books.  it has one head on either end, and according to wikipedia, it’s a “gazelle-unicorn cross.”

i loved those dr. doolittle books.  maybe i will have to check one out of the library and re-read it.

the crazy kitties with a sack.

here they’re posing for their album cover.  this picture is kind of a miracle, because for one thing, they’re all lying there together in harmony, and they’re actually all looking at me for a change.

chester loves any kind of box.

and that is all the animal photos for today.  soon i will have finally posted all photos from august, and maybe someday i will finally be caught up.

ok then, have a good thursday,

mrs. g.h.