ok, that’s my advice to you, but mostly to me.

first – we went to the opthalmologist yesterday and kevin’s left eye isn’t nearly as bad as the right one was last year – last year, the nurse had to hold up a giant “E” in front of his face and kevin still couldn’t even tell what it was!  this time he was able to read a fair amount of the ever-increasingly small letters.  the nice doctor, who looks EERILY LIKE JIM, said that his eye isn’t so bad and kevin will go back in three weeks and hopefully get some laser surgery to start zapping the very bad and weak blood vessels, and once it has cleared up – but of course he doesn’t know how long that’ll take – then they’ll do both cataract and scar-tissue-removing surgery on his right eye.

and the most important thing is he said that this probably won’t happen again.

so, WHEW, and WHEW again.

now, the reason that YOU shouldn’t panic is because I’M GETTING A SITE UPDATE!!!! WHOOOOOO FOR THAT!  after years and years of nothing being updated…five years?  six years?  i can’t remember how long – i’ve find a great guy who is going to update and refresh and make it better, stronger, faster!

and he’s from the U.K.!  so i’m sure it’ll now have an English flair to it, as well.

it’s funny – on our trip we met some wonderful, interesting people, anne and charles, who have the most interesting garden i’ve ever seen, and while i blathered away to  anne, i guess i mentioned my site, and the fact that it’s out of date, she mentioned the place where she gets her site done, and she gave me the e-mail address and now, after so many years of inactivity and worrying about it, it’s going to happen!  now i’ll be able to post the many videos i’ve taken of our travels, plus other videos that i haven’t been able to post because of my stone-age site!

so many great reasons to celebrate on this rainy and chilly friday!

but first, i must leap up and do too many things even though i’d rather sit here pretty much all day and write and look up stuff.

ok then,


mrs. hughes with an international flair.