first – there’s been a sign around here, and i’ve seen it around town, about a missing grey/silver lab.  i’ve been on the lookout for the dog, but haven’t seen it.  then this morning jill texted us to say that this dog was lost on christmas eve, and was seen two days ago near hope school.  kevin and i decided to drive around for a while and look for the poor lost thing, but we didn’t see her.  i sure hope somebody finds her.  poor doggie.  the owners had to go back to colorado, jill said, but i guess relatives are still searching.

we did see many squirrels, plus quite a few deer.  i actually spotted a deer lying in the woods, a sight i rarely see because usually i’m running by.

not today, though – it’s arctic cold, all the more reason why i hope the poor dog, named winnie, gets found.

another dog tale – i read a nice selection of comics every morning, or as much as i can keep up, on, and there’s this one strip called “dog eat doug,” about a dog named sophie and a baby named doug.  it’s always funny, but yesterday morning there was a photo of the real sophie, who just passed away.  i went to the artist’s site.  his name is brian anderson, and here’s a link to it.  the pictures made me cry, they were so sweet and darling.

Brian Anderson’s blog

please click on the link, it’s just so sweet.  here’s one of the photos from the post.

i hope you’re staying warm.  i hope you’re in a warm climate right now, which is where i’d like to be.  but at least i’m not lost, wandering around outside.  so there’s that.

not yet, anyway.

ok then,

mrs. 2017 hughes.