…with the postings.  but then i’ve been busy, and then we had company, and in the middle of that i got sick…

plus, i’m DOING ANOTHER SHOW!  I’m very, very excited about it, but it’s in THREE WEEKS, so i’m slightly stressed about trying to put it all together while i’m sick and coughing and coughing…

it’s going to be on April 9th, and it’s for women only!  it’s called “girl’s night out;” it’s quarterly and they have different speakers, like heart doctors and official people like that, but it’s going to be ME!  the title is “stressed is dessert spelled backward: laughter and dessert!”  here’s a link, if you want to register to go.  it starts at 6, lasts an hour, and is only $5!  you get a plate of desserts, two glasses of wine, plus entertainment!

Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backward!

pretty exciting, but also highly ironic that i’m feeling even more stressed than i’d normally be, cause of the coughing all the time.

it’s always something.

mom and i went to a fundraiser for the Elizabeth Ann Seton program, which helps young mothers in need.

kevin, he doesn’t get so dressed up anymore…i like it that mom and i are all gussied up, yet kevin is in his socks!

ann opferman, mom, me, and erica.  it was kind of bright there at the event.

Gil Opferman was the auctioneer, and he did a fabulous job!  plus he looked very dapper in his green shirt and tie.

because i’m a little bit of an addict, i couldn’t help but bid on several silent auction items even though I DO NOT NEED ONE SINGLE THING.  one was a basket full of wine and cheese, another was this big fabulous serving tray with removable glass partitions plus another tray that was shaped like a pineapple.  i quit bidding on both these items because I DON’T NEED ANYTHING.

but there was one more big plastic tub, and in it were a bunch of hawaiian things, including two pretty beach towels (WE ALREADY HAVE TWO MILLION BEACH TOWELS), a box of cookies, some hawaiian coffee, one of those hula girls you put on your dashboard, and a couple of those nut hawaiian necklaces.  originally, i bid on this because i wanted the necklaces because amy and mom got them when they went to hawaii and amy and jim got married.  but then i remembered that KEVIN AND I ALREADY BOUGHT SOME WHEN WE WENT ON OUR HONEYMOON.

but i kept bidding anyway, and i won it!  whoo hoo, i was very excited!

so was lester, who jumped right into the tub after i emptied it out when i got home.

the cookies were delicious, macadamia nut shortbread in the shape of pineapples.  they’re long gone now.  the hula girl is still sitting on my counter, though – we’ve been talking about maybe getting a new car, and if we did get one, i’d want the hula girl to be on the dash, and i don’t know if she’s transferable.

under the hula girl is a fuzzy photo of this great metal purse that my parents bought me quite a while ago.  i love it because it’s so unique and beautiful, but i’ve never actually used it.  it doesn’t hold very much, but it was very fun to have nonetheless.

whew.  that’s all for this gray friday late morning.

ok then,

mrs. hughes with my first cold all winter which is going to very soon be spring.