i thought i’d post a few photos of DAD THROUGH THE YEARS here…

he was the CUTEST LITTLE KID EVER!  also the snappiest dresser…

i don’t THINK he was a small child serving in the armed forces…at least he’s never mentioned it.  but you never know with dad.

here are some more random photos – here, he’s peeling off the layers of wallpaper on the house they bought when i was was a baby.  mom and dad worked on that old house up until they finally sold it, an old victorian that always needed so much work.  it’s still at the corner of 1st and Allen, but i bet it’ll be torn down one of these days.

here he is, having cleaned out…something…the basement?   dad has always been a collector of stuff, but let’s just say this is all garbage from…some project.  let’s just stick with that.

walking me down the aisle!

this looks like a perfectly idyllic moment, doesn’t it?  GK, who is no longer with us, was sprawled out on dad’s lap, and fiesty fourlane is still kicking…or at least, swiping at people when they walk by.

this is dad when they went to hawaii with amy and jim for their SECRET WEDDING.

this was a very scary halloween, a couple of years ago.  he was a crazy killer chef, of course.

this is one of my most favorite pictures of amy and dad.

and here’s mom and dad, when they were oh, so young…

…and they still look great, don’t they?

i can’t remember exactly what dad’s costume was on this halloween a few years ago – it was something kind of obscure.  brother in law jim was very scary that year, except of course he can’t help but grin all the time.

i still remember these REALLY REALLY SCARY they wore one year, when they went to a halloween party.  i wonder where they went?  i was SO SCARED of them that i remember running down in the basement, screaming.

and that is all for now, dad’s SPECIAL DAY.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday hughes.