as a crazy cat lady, of course i have to take many pictures of my kitties, and since i had to take lester for a walk anyway, i figured i’d take pictures of him while doing so.  luckily he’s a very photogenic kitty.

he started furiously digging in a little hole and eating who knows what.

he’s on top of the wood pile.  if only he wasn’t on a leash, he could crawl underneath and find the mice living there.  he still manages to have a lot of fun on a leash.  kevin read that they have a class at Lincoln Land on teaching your cat to walk on a leash, that it’s “good exercise” for both you and the cat.  for one thing, it’s a lot of standing around while he sits and stares at a squirrel or a bird, or he rolls in the dirt, and then maybe he’ll sprint away.  but i don’t think it’s much exercise for either of us.

he moseyed over to amy and jim’s driveway.

this is a pretty good shot of kevin’s continuing new kitty deterrent.  actually, i don’t think les has ever broken through this side of the fence.

it looks like some kind of third-world prison.  les escaped just to the right of the gate here, squeezing under some loose netting.

this is the section that kevin keeps fortifying with more netting, more boards, more stuff…but les continues to find a way out.  he’s back to only supervised time in the fence yard again, but he does enjoy it despite being a prisoner in his own home.  at least it adds something to the outside landscaping…

and here’s the CUTEST PICTURE EVER…

ok then, good luck with your monday,

mrs. CC Lady hughes.