the rest of the photos from the nice walk we had the other day. chester mostly stayed near us even though he wasn’t on a leash.

and lester didn’t let the leash hamper him in any way.

sometimes les looks like a little bitty kitten even though he’s kind of chunky and big now.

and he always, always has to see what’s under everything.

kevin and mollie came down for a bit to see what we were up to.

here’s the massive amount of wood we have in the back yard now.  i feel that it could get us through the winter, if we were to convert the living room fireplace back to a wood-burning one.

one problem is that when it used to be wood-burning, it would take me til the end of time to get it lit, and then would inevitably go out.

plus, of course, it’d be might cold upstairs.

plus, you might recall that kevin lit a fire in the bedroom fireplace and the entire house, even the basement, filled with smoke.  there’s still a faint lingering smell of smoke, which is nice, but the whole house filled with smoke wouldn’t be so great.

you see why i have to keep taking pictures of him – he just can’t help it that he’s so incredibly cute!

oh boy, tuesday already.

ok then,

mrs. gh.