and YES i have SO MANY PHOTOS from may, and now june is almost over and the summer is SPINNING OUTTA CONTROL!!! SLOW DOOOOOWN!!!

But it’s ok.  everything is good.  it’s raining right now, as it has been most of the summer.

once again, i only have this one little moment to post something, and truthfully, i shouldn’t even be sitting here, i have too much to do.  i am hopeful that this week is going to be full of more free time, but we’ll see.

here’s a picture of the clematis by the lake; kevin took it with the camera i gave him for my birthday.  he takes such sharp and fantastic pictures with it!

the ever-present geese, marching up to the house.  we haven’t seen gus the goose in a very long time, and i fervently hope he’s found a better place.  we haven’t seen the rest of his family, either, so hopefully they’re all hanging out in some swanky digs!

darling goslings, i have many more photos of a huge, huge family of geese…later, later.

the sky always looks so great…

here’s the yard, after i spent a very long time trimming and weeding.  ironically, it TOTALLY NEEDS IT ALL AGAIN.  there are now so many weeds all over the place, plus everything is growing like crazy, and that’s how it’s gonna be, because of the neverending rain.

and that’s all for this moment, hopefully more later tonight, but you never know, but i am determined to get all of may wrapped up before the end of june!  so i guess i’m back to my old and bad ways, a full month behind…

ok ok ok already,

mrs. g.h.