that’s how it’s been around here tonight. today i’ve been…what have i been doing? i feel like maybe nothing. and yet i’m exhausted. kevin had to go do a bunch of things and by the time he got home he, too, was exhausted. neither of us can talk much because of the raw throats.

we try to talk to each other but neither can hear the other one because we’re basically whispering. it’s very quiet around here, except for honey.

honey was mad at me all day, very very mad because we RAN OUT OF CANNED CAT FOOD. she didn’t understand, she wanted her food where was it why wasn’t i feeding her every hour???

pissed off kitty. kevin was going to pick up some cat food on his way home, and i kept telling honey that, but she’s not a very good listener.

she’s sleeping quietly on the new red leather chair across from me right now. she’s exhausted after the day spent meowing. after that she went outside and we forgot about her so she had to sit there, waiting to get in.

very stressful for everybody around here.

kevin bought some new cold drugs and we both took them and he’s asleep already, but mine haven’t kicked in. i hope they do – last night we both took some nyquil but it made me kind of jittery instead of sleepy. i’ve been hoarding some codeine cough medicine for times like this, but now i don’t know if i can take it after taking the other stuff.

i’ve had at least sixty cups of tea today. i gave one of them to kevin because it was some kind that had a whole bunch of flavors in it but all i could tasted was the chamomile and i hate flower tea.

life around the hughes household, it doesn’t get much more exciting than this.

am i going to have to re-post all those christmas photos? the thought is exhausting. maybe the guy at the web place will be able to put them back. i seriously doubt it.

tomorrow we do nothing. this sounds like a really good plan.

ok then,

sick grace.