christine wrote to me about how she’s going to try to fix the issue with the photos. it shouldn’t be that difficult, in my opinion.  but it is.  but i can’t worry about that right now.

i’m not really worried about anything, for once.  except that i’m pretty sure i gained five pounds in one day.

our neighbors went on a trip for a week and entrusted kevin with watching over their house while they were gone.  when they came back, they gave us not only a restaurant  gift card, but also, not one, but TWO boxes of candy.

one of them was a box of assorted chocolates, the other filled with pieces of that log roll stuff that’s a nougat kind of filling wrapped in caramel and pecans.

i should have kept them in their plastic casing and given them away.

of course that’s not what i did – of course i IMMEDIATELY RIPPED THEM OPEN and promptly devoured a few of the more delectable-looking chocolates.

luckily it was mother’s day (WHY DIDN’T I JUST GIVE IT ALL TO MOM???) and the family was here and so they ate some of it.  but there was still plenty left, and i just kept eating it because in case you didn’t know CHOCOLATE IS EXACTLY LIKE HEROIN TO ME.

only i’m sure heroin doesn’t come in a delicious chocolate flavor so therefore CHOCOLATE IS BETTER TO ME THAN HEROIN WOULD BE.

finally, yesterday evening, when there were just a few crappy kinds of candy left – something made of white chocolate (I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT WHITE CHOCOLATE IS REAL CHOCOLATE AND SHOULD JUST BE CALLED “WHITE”), something else that didn’t even have any chocolate on it at all – i threw the box away.

amy said, “good for you, throwing it away.”

BUT I ALREADY ATE ALL THE GOOD STUFF.  plus some of the stuff that wasn’t so good, like this chocolate-covered hard jelly kind of weird thing – BUT IWAS COVERED IN CHOCOLATE.

i’m pretty sure that all i ate yesterday was candy, plus a piece of lowfat brownie.

good lord.  too many times, people try to blame weight gain on getting older.



ok then,

chubby hillbilly grace.