yesterday, out of the corner of my eye, i saw lester dragging something into the living room.  “uh oh,” i thought, “what does he have this time?  baby bird?  adult bird?  ground squirrel?  full-sized squirrel?’

no, none of the above…it was a gigantic SOCK. he laid it down and relaxed against the comfy computer table leg.

later, kevin told me this is a pair of socks that was in a backpack down on the pool table in the basement.  so les dragged the sock out of the backpack and managed to lug it all the way up the stairs!

such a funny kitty.  he’s bored, because kevin has fortified the fence for now.  or actually, he’s probably just in training for his next big break.

the other day i managed to capture this never-before-seen sight, two kitties in one box.  i turned on a light to get a better shot, but by then they were gone.

it’s a beautiful, spectacular day today and i have a little time to work on the encroaching weeds outside.  i go now.

ok then,

mrs. thursday hughes.