on friday morning i was sitting in my chair looking outside and one flake of snow drifted to the ground.   NO!  i yelled.  I’M NOT READY FOR SNOW!

that seemed to do the trick.

but then, later, more snow.

it was ok, though, because it wasn’t so cold out and the snow melted.

that seems so long ago …

right now it’s 20 degrees but feels like four.  winds up to 50 miles an hour.

i went out and cars were sliding all over the ice.  a guy had run into a big tree down the road and the tree was completely uprooted, lying there on top of the car.

and the wind continues…

and it gets colder and colder…

so i’m staying inside and making christmas cookies.  that’s where i’ll be if you need me.

ok then,

grace dreaming of st. croix and it’s only the beginning of december.