it’s gray and dreary and windy and WE WANT SPRING ALREADY!

here are my last few photos from our trip to florida…it seems so long ago, but also, it seems that it SHOULD BE WARM HERE NOW!

the sunset on our last night.  we drove across the road to the state park to get this picture before heading out to dinner.

some nice lady took our picture.

meanwhile, back at home…noodle tried to stay warm in his big coat.

mom and i stopped at some nice-looking restaurant we’d seen, but it was too pricey – they had a great early bird special, and when we drove by earlier the place had been packed, but the regular menu prices were way too high for a place that wasn’t even on the water!

instead, there was a place right across the street – something called the tiki bar, and i was all over that.

it was an outside bar connected to this hotel that wasn’t the highest-end place around, but there were lots of people milling around, plus a guy was playing the guitar and singing all kinds of good songs.  mom and i snagged a couple of drinks and headed out to the beach right in back of the bar.

the beach was mighty wide, and some people staggered out to the water, but we were content to sit in the nice chairs conveniently located right behind the bar.  of course there were many signs saying DO NOT BRING ALCOHOL ONTO THE BEACH, but mom and i are always scofflaws.

me, enjoying my adult beverage as the sun went away.

there really wasn’t anyplace to eat, though, except for a kind of denny’s-looking little dumpy place, so i talked mom into going back to our lovely outdoor restaurant next to our hotel.

i guess my drink was pretty strong because i took this picture and when i looked at it later i said to myself WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT?

dessert, of course.  and it was delicious.  some kind of ultra-chocolatey chocolate thing.

here’s the view on our last morning, as we had one last outdoor breakfast.

meanwhile, back at home…lester is and was always, always darling.

and that is all for this ridiculously chilly wednesday.  there are many more photos of february that i might not even put up, because many of them involve snow and I DON’T WANNA THINK ABOUT ANY MORE DAMN SNOW!

we might get a little more snow next week.

oh brother,

mrs. g.h.