I feel like i’m done with Christmas now, tired of all the stuff that I put up everywhere. When Amy and Jim came over for Christmas dinner they seemed stupefied by the amount of stuff I had out, but I felt it wasn’t really over the top, and not more than other people have? I sent a video of all the decor to Bev, who said that I just had more lights inside than many people.

But to me the lights are the best part, little bits of color to offset the grey skies and biting temperatures.

On the barrister bookcase behind the couch is this display of some very old decorations that were grandmother’s combines with some new things. This is where Lester nightly climbs around on, when it’s usually covered with delicate pieces of china I bought in London, teacups and little boxes and things. He’s never broken anything, but just wants to get our attention so we’ll feed him. He only climbed amongst the Christmas stuff once this year, and I guess we didn’t hear him doing it, although we did hear him playing with something on the floor. The next morning I picked up a tiny, ancient Santa Claus made of felt and pipe cleaners. It sits on top of a very old sleigh, and somehow Les must have knocked it off. But no damage done…

We had some giant christmas bulb lights that I usually draped along the front, but when Kevin got them down from the garage rafters a few of them shattered. He said that before, they’d bounce, so they must have worn out. I threw them out, and he bought some cool blue lights that shimmered like they were falling blue rain, I think.

Here’s a very short video so you can see them in action.

I baked sugar cookies but didn’t get around to decorating them til late in the afternoon on the 24th and I didn’t have a lot of time but spent more time than i’d alloted myself because I always get caught up in the decorating.

I have just a couple more christmas posts, and then on to 2021!

Today is an incredibly dark day; it was raining when I got up and that turned to snow but now it’s just dark and grey and I’m not going anywhere.

ok then,