we got back from randy’s and mollie got her HUGE NEW CHRISTMAS BONE.  here, she’s just a blur as she frantically picks up the very heavy thing and staggers toward the back door…

this giant bone isn’t bigger but it’s heavier than last year’s, and mollie had all kinds of trouble lugging it around.

it wouldn’t fit through the doggie door of course, so instead she went outside to get some rest and re-think her strategy.

meanwhile, chester decided to climb up onto the bed for the very first time.  he watched the giant bone with curiosity, as do all cats observe things.

mollie brought it into the office and kept careful watch over it.  notice on the upper right, the door that she has scraped the paint off of when she’s forced to be sequestered in the bedroom.

she took the bone back into the living room and got very defensive when lester walked by.  les moved quickly to stay out of mollie’s way.

she was such a very vigilant dog all christmas day…

meanwhile, we opened many more gifts.  kevin got some fancy cool pen from mom and dad – it’s got a little rifle or revolver on it, plus a bullet on the end, i think…i need to take a close-up of it.

mollie, exhausted from her vigilance, rests her head on the comfy metal computer table.

and then, to really liven things up, RANDY THE ELF appeared!  he bought this fabulous elf costume at J Parsons, a crazy new store in spfld that has many fancy and expensive things in it, plus a few great deals.

kevin, garrick and janice are cleared amused at the elf’s appearance.

mom, of course, is always cheerful…

dad and david, also in a good holiday mood.

here’s me and randy with my FABULOUS NEW RED SLIPPER BOOTS.  they’re really cozy and comfy, and randy bought them for me.

mollie finally put the bone in the bed with her to ensure its safety, out of the clutches of the bone-crazy kitties.

a merry, merry time was had by all.

lester thoroughly enjoys company, even though he looks a little bit like an evil green-eyed cat here.

he’s playing with the stick, and to the left are the fabulous flannel jammies that randy also bought me at J parsons.  he got them because when we went there i said I MUST HAVE THOSE JAMMIES!

really, the best gift the kitties got was this J Parsons bag – they continue to have a grand old time playing in it.

just last night chester was hidden inside and lester LEPT up on top of the bag, causing chester to shoot right outta there.

and that’s it for this christmas.

ok then,

mrs. 2011 is really running out now hughes.