having taken down the decorations, i feel that christmas was a million years ago, but still, i have many many photos from the day.

i woke up to find this huge gift under the tree; kevin was still wrapping it because i got up earlier than he thought i would.

i continue to love our very religious yoda tree topper.

chester was lying under the tree in his usual zen-like-looking way.

here’s kevin with the surround system and santa.

after unwrapping a couple of gifts we headed off to garrick and janice’s house and then to randy’s.  i wanted to give garrick and janice plus his daughter alex and her son ramsey their calendars, because i decided to make them for their whole family and even though garrick and janice were coming over later i didn’t want to just give the calendars to the children and not to janice and garrick because then there would be no surprise for them later.

not that their calendars could have been in a surprise in any way because throughout the year whenever i took a picture garrick would say something like THIS IS A GOOD ONE FOR THE CALDENDAR.

they were all still in their jammies when we stopped by, and mollie was excited to get a box of doggie treats.  she ate a lot on christmas day.

we then headed to randy’s because i wanted him to have a couple of gifts under his tree by the time his family showed up at noon, when randy had to feed them all and give them gifts.

i started taking pictures of his various xmas things and i couldn’t stop.  i feel i’ve taken these pictures before, but maybe not.

his tree was dazzling as usual.  it’s impossible to do it justice in a photo.

he’s had these cute little mice for a long time, but there used to be three.  i bet the third one is somewhere in his house, maybe hiding.

i love this little santa and don’t know why i don’t have one; randy has given me many xmas decorations over the years, but i don’t think i have anything as fabulous as this santa.

i’ve always loved this ornament and somehow i feel i was with him when he bought it, but i could be wrong.

he went to a lot of trouble decorating, including his fabulous light fixture.

the whole dining room was completely decked out.

here are couple of close-ups of the fabulous tree.

hmm, i wonder if this arrangement on his front stoop will be there til spring?  until randy put this out, a dead fern had been sitting there; it’s my fault that it’s dead because i was going to rescue it and bring it home but forgot.  there’s always next year, although i DO NOT WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MORE FERNS.

it’s too bad that Randy didn’t have a party this year; he was going to have one before xmas but things got too hectic.  i suggested that he have one between xmas and new year’s but he claimed that he was done with christmas after the actual day, but of course his ornaments are STILL UP, as are most people’s.  could have had a party.  i don’t think he really had anybody over to his house to see all the festive decor and he keeps saying “nobody ever comes over,” but i say YOU HAVE TO INVITE US!!!  which he hasn’t done.

i was very busy all day long after leaving randy’s house.  more later and then i will be CAUGHT UP on december photos, except for pictures of the painting i did in the hall which can certainly wait til next year, for crying out loud.

ok then,

mrs. still in my jammies on the last day of the year hughes.