in case you weren’t aware of its imminentness.

good grief.  somehow, somehow, things have gotten away from me this year.  i’ve spent a good part of the afternoon baking cookies, a good thing, because i wanted to bake 8-9 kinds and after today i have four kinds done.  and like i said, time is running out.

meanwhile…photos from november.  maybe i’ll somehow catch up by the end of the year?  not so likely, cause the end of the year is almost here.

les, who hasn’t been so keen on walking on the leash lately.  he sits around more than before, but on the other hand i guess he’s always done a lot of sitting down on our walks.


there’s nothing the kitties like better than a giant new box…


…and i was lucky to capture this paw attacking from inside.

kevin and i went out to dinner and i had to take this selfie because i’d gotten at least somewhat dressed up, with the red lipstick and all, and as you can see, kevin wore his finest flannel.






chester will cram himself into any box, anywhere, no matter how tiny it may be.


numie  looked more like a cartoon character than ever modeling a new hat.


all three dogs, dressed in many layers.  sadie got the coat with the bow, of course, because she’s a delicate little girl.


les and winnie don’t usually sleep quite so close together.


as i went running, there was a big buck!  i managed to stop and get an OK picture.


this is one of my all-time favorite photos of les.


cartoon dogs!


and now that i’m caught up with november i must crash right into december, so i can post my xmas pictures before xmas is over and nobody cares about it anymore!

ok then,

mrs. sunday evening hughes.