some more photos of chester from November 2011…he and les were such good friends.

this is about a week after we got him, and already they were snuggled together on the bed.

the middle of november, out in the back yard with les.

in December 2011, lester giving chester a bath…

…and eventually they tussled, which they did quite a bit, mostly in fun.


unlike the other two kitties, chester rarely slept on my lap, so this was an historic moment.

on of my favorite photos of him, looking so regal with his big white paws.

christmas day, 2011, he looked pretty little and thin then.

i have no recollection of letting all the cats eat up on the counter; i guess that must have gone on until mollie died until 2013?

for some reason les still eats up there, although there’s no need for that anymore since it’s just him and winnie.  maybe it’s time to put that practice to and end and have a (relatively) sanitary counter for once.

whew.  right after chester died i started going through every single photo i could find of him, but i’ll try to be a little selective about posting them.  he had a happy life.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday hughes.