it was a ridiculously lavish christmas here at the hughes household.  apparently santa didn’t get the memo about the worldwide recession and economic meltdown.

i got up thursday, christmas morning, to see a huge box next to the tree.  well, i got up and was stumbling around a bit and THEN i finally looked over and saw the GIANT BOX.  kevin suggested that i open it right away, and it’s a good thing i did because as i started to tear into it i figured out what it was.  if i’d had any time to think about it just sitting there in all its giganticness, i’m sure i’d have figured it out.

it was a GIANT TV.  as i mentioned yesterday, i have a photo of the box, and of the tv, but this stinky wordpress program isn’t allowing me to upload any photos which continues to make me really really mad.

anyway, the GIANT TV.  it’s an hdtv, and it’s 52″ wide.  VERY VERY BIG.  we immediately plugged it in and kevin hooked it all up and there was lots of digital television.  we watched the christmas parade at disneyworld for a while, and it was truly amazing, how sharp and crisp the picture was.  it’s like we were there.  it would have been fun to be there, i think.

more presents, including a bottle of DOM PERIGNON.

lavish, i’m telling you.  i gave kevin (and all the rest of my family including randy) some calendars that i’d composed on  i highly recommend using zazzle to make calendars; i used different photos for everybody’s calendars and they all loved them.  for amy and jim and kevin, i took many photos of all the dogs, sometimes in outfits, and sometimes surrounded by stuff for the different months, like in april i took photos of mollie and shadow out in the rain wearing raincoats.  there were many good photos to choose from.

i will share these with you someday, after my photo-uploading issue has been resolved, although i don’t know exactly how that is going to happen, except that it needs to fix itself.

anyway, christmas – i also gave kevin a shaving brush kit.  he had a shaving brush and stand and since we share a bathroom now, i broke his stand and was going to just replace that, but then i looked at his brush and it was cracked so i decided to get him an entire kit.  i found a neat wooden one in a box and it was called “country uncle” shaving kit and i’d show you a photo from their website but yeah, i can’t.

i got other lovely gifts, but nothing as huge and fabulous as the tv.

randy gave me the most crazy and fabulous dress i’ve ever had.  i can’t describe it accurately – it’s a tube dress, which i didn’t think would be flattering, but it is, and it’s covered with rectangular…what are they?  they’re not sequins, they’re those shiny flat discs, there must be some technical name for them, they’re usually round, not rectangular.  it’s purple and REALY REALLY COOL.

of course it’s utterly and completely impractical and i can’t think of any place at all where i’d wear it, or even how i’d get to a place because it seems that if i sat down in it, it’d be ruined, the flat things would get all bent.

it’s actually a little too big and i need to go exchange it and randy is concerned that they’re going to be all out of my size, but i just can’t somehow envision a bunch of women flocking to the mall to get one of these dresses, even though they’re fabulous.  because even if somebody was going to a marvelous and fancy new year’s eve party, they’d probably figure that they wouldn’t be able to sit down or anything in the dress.

i guess it really means that i need to do another “gracetalk.”  it would be PERFECT for a gracetalk.

so i guess that’s what i’ll do.  there, now i have a plan for the new year.  which is coming right up, fyi.

but right now i have to hurry up and get stuff ready for the party i’m attending and catering for tonight.  i guess i should really go sit in the basement because i think there was just a tornado or severe thunderstorm alert on the radio. mollie and i went running this morning, believe it or not, it was 63 and awesome outside but it looked like it was going to rain.  now it’s raining like crazy and i think it was hailing there for a while and the sky does look kind of bad.  i guess if a tornado is bearing down on us, they’ll alert us again.  or maybe we’ll see it.

i hope you’re having a good saturday, and i’ll be writing again when i can make the photos work.  or maybe even before that because i can’t help writing even though the stupid program makes me mad and maybe there’s another program i could use instead of this one?

ok ok ok already i should have stopped typing at least 10 minutes ago,

saturday very busy grace.