I was looking forward to being so efficient about posting the rest of the photos from way back in May, but it was a busy week last week. I was power washing and staining our big dock which of course took much longer than I thought it would. I also power-washed half of the little dock but I had to stop everything because on Saturday we participated in the 72nd annual Secretary of State Car Show downtown. Kevin entered his ’92 Cadillac that he bought from Dad. While I was busy down at the dock, Kevin spent the week working hard on getting the caddy looking great. He even magically filled in a big rusted-out spot in the wheel well using bondo. This involved fitting some kind of mesh grating over the hole and then mixing up bondo stuff to fill it in and it seemed very tricky to me.

Anyway, he did as much as he could during the week and we got to the show early Saturday morning. The car show included a swap meet, so I drove the van which was loaded with old Cadillac tires and hub caps and maybe a Volkswagen exhaust system? After parking the caddy, Kevin unloaded the stuff from the back of the van and I sat with the stuff for a while. It quickly got pretty warm and I was in the sun, and the swap meet was way down at one end of the show so not many people were stopping by. There were only four of us trying to sell stuff.

We had a nifty umbrella that attached to the chair, and here are our lovely wares in the deserted lot.

This guy was waiting in line to park.

Kevin relieved me and I walked over to the farmers’ market, and when I got back Kevin said we’d pack up because we weren’t going to sell anything. Instead, we walked around and looked at the cars. I don’t care that much about cars but there were some very beautiful ones there.

This 1936 car was one of my favorites; I think it’s a jaguar? Maybe I’m wrong, but that looks like a jaguar on the hood. The license plate on top says it was in the state fair in 1956. The car next to it was also beautiful.

Here’s the interior but I wish I’d taken a picture of the back, because there were three rows of seats.

Kevin spent the week diligently detailing his car but we know that most of the people entered probably spent most of the year working on theirs.

After checking out all the cars, Kevin and I sat on the hill in the shade above the Cadillac.

A squirrel in front of us was busily gathering acorns which made me think of Bev, who loves to watch the squirrels in her trees.

The caddy down below, with a cool-looking yellow car off to the side. Kevin said he’d been in line to enter the show in back of that car and had admired the deep rumbling noise it made when the guy kept starting it up after turning it off because of the waiting in line.

Doesn’t the caddy look sparkly?

Randy stopped by, and said that a guy was selling some kind of special wax that many of the people in the show used. On our way back to the van we bought a container of it from the local guy selling it who said that this swap meet was a bust, and that last year he did well because it was in a central location. Oh well, at least we got some magic polish.

We drove over to Obed & Isaac’s in the van for a snack and walked back to the show for the awards ceremony. It was out on the lawn of the state library and the woman who was talking into the mic was so quiet that we couldn’t hear her at all, and somebody yelled out “we can’t hear you” but that didn’t help, and then a very long freight train rumbled by, and it was only about a hundred yards from the event so it was almost impossible to hear.

Some guy did the awarding of prizes and when he got closer to Kevin’s category we both moved up to try to hear him and the guy announced “third place goes to…Kevin Holmes, with a ’92 Cadillac Fleetwood.” Luckily Kevin knew he was talking about him, but it’s funny that the guy couldn’t get his name right. Maybe the loud train threw him off?

My Champion!

Kevin said that next year hopefully his Volkswagen thing will be running so we could bring that in addition the the caddy (which will be even shinier I’m sure) and his BMW motorcycle.

Hmm. We’ll have to bring somebody along to drive one of the other vehicles. Meanwhile, I’ve got dock work to wrap up, plus many things that I’ve been meaning to accomplish all summer, plus posting stuff here from May through now, and before you know it it’ll be Christmas…must get off the couch on this fine Monday morning.

I hope you have a good one.

Ok then,

Mrs. September Hughes.