the thing is (and there always seems to be a thing), i’m so busy, and i don’t like to be this busy, and i’d like to sleep really late and not do much…but then when i have too much free time, i don’t like that either. so my chief problem is that i’m never satisfied, and i need to work on that.

why does there always have to be so many things to work on all the time, anyway?

today at the hospital i gave massages to a family of about 15 people. each was ecstatic to get a massage, and i do think it’s interesting that i managed, in not a very long period of time, to make an entire family sleepy.

tomorrow i’m very busy with the massages, and then i’m going to be in a tv commercial that my friend kurt is shooting. he was going to send me the script, but as of yesterday he hadn’t actually written it yet. i’m going to be a waitress with hair made of cotton candy. it’s a commercial for the IL state fair, which i think is FABULOUS, because i love the fair. at one point i’m supposed to take a bite out of my cotton candy hair, and i don’t know logistically how this would happen, but hopefully it will be fun and interesting.

i called erica to see if she, too, wants to be in the commercial, but she hasn’t called me back yet. i hope she does. i signed her up for “paint your wagon,” too, but i hope she doesn’t hold that against me. this commercial certainly won’t take as long as our rehearsals did, plus it will probably be fun. fun in jacksonville, where i haven’t been much. i usually have no reason to be in jacksonville.

B. (Bollingford) was in the Ironhorse triathlon on sunday. he tried to talk me into doing it, but i’m very very happy that i didn’t, because it appeared to be GRUELING, plus most of the people in it are HARD CORE ATHLETES, and i’m barely an athlete, and will never, ever, be hardcore about it.

i have to go to sleep now. i hope your monday was good; at least it’s OVER, anyway.

ok then,

grace looking forward.