it’s weird to even think that i’m writing “brr,” when only yesterday it was 105 degrees.

ok, not literally yesterday, but just a couple weeks ago…maybe a few weeks ago?  it’s was only 40 when i got up, and it’s a brisk 65 degrees here in the living room.

kevin announced that he was making a fire in the bedroom, which i thought was a splendid idea since we have enough firewood to last us at least a few hard winters because of jim’s huge dying tree getting chopped down.

i went into the bedroom to look at the fire after a while, but it was all gone – no trace of burning wood anywhere.   but it did notice that the bedroom was kinda filled with smoke, and all the hot tub room windows were open.  chilly and smokey, both.

going back into the living room i realized it was kinda smokey in here, too, and when i went down to the basement to talk to kevin, the smoke had even found its way down there.  he said he’d taken the logs outside after all the smoke started billowing.

luckily we have an old grate in the front.

damn, if i had a marshmallow stick i could roast me some marshmallows.  i bet i could find one, but right now it’s a little too chilly to move about.  on the other hand, if i got off my lazy butt and moved around, maybe i’d warm up a little.

downloading photos to the computer, i realized i have about one million photos of lester, plus even some of chester, from taking the kitty for a walk.  and so many of them look SO CUTE, that it’s going to take me a while to whittle them down.

here’s one particularly lovely pose, and it does look like he’s posing, doesn’t it?  it’s like those photos you get taken of dogs or kids, when the photographer gets the child or pet to look up.  but no, les did that all on his own.

well, there was probably a bird or an insect that he happened to be focusing on.

yesterday morning i was sitting here in the living room and he carried an enormous sock roll into the room and dropped it next to the computer stand.  after while he brought yet another one in.

maybe he was tidying up.

ok then, i must look at the millions photos now.

mrs. sunday morning hughes.