hobby lobby is a crafts store, and it’s stuffed with all kinds of xmas stuff. EXCEPT THEY HAVE NO MORE BOWS AND RIBBON.

how is this possible? yeah, i know, xmas is the day after tomorrow, most people have apparently already bought the ribbons and bows and probably have wrapped the gifts and put them under the tree but I NEED SOME BOWS AND RIBBONS.

i did get a pair of scissors for 50 cents. such a deal.

but then i went to walgreen’s…and NO BOWS AND RIBBONS.

what’s the world coming to?

at least it’s FORTY FIVE DEGREES right now. i’m going to go running outside in a few hours from now, for a good long time, and i can’t wait.

screw the ribbons and bows. i’m sure i’ll find a bow or two around the house, if i really look.

ok. ok. ok.

grace nearing the END of december.