this is the latest we’ve ever had the boat out…actually, every year since we had our old boat, it broke down sometime mid-summer.

this year the water has been really high, plus new boat…

it was a beautiful day for it, and I wanted to see if the white pelicans were in the same spot where i’d seen them the last two times we were out on the boat.

yep.  plus more.

the first time I saw this gathering, I figured there were about 50.  today kevin said the number had increased to roughly 150!  maybe this is the main meeting place for pelicans coming from far and wide, and maybe they’ll all continue their migration together.

I was driving the boat but mostly standing around taking photos.

we were going slow enough so as not to disturb them much, but another boat did bother them – we were surprised at the number of boats out today, plus a couple of crazy wave-runners.

as I finally steered away from the pelicans we headed towards a spot where a swan is usually hanging out.  I was surprised that he made a beeline for us.

i’m sorry to say it’s obvious that people are feeding the swan!

bit it was cool to see him up close.

I headed over to long bay because I love to go down long bay.  as we headed out I saw a pontoon boat…

it’s out old boat!  I felt kind of sad to see it but also glad that it has found a good home.  it’s docked next to a huge and fancy speed boat, and on the other side is a wave-runner, so these folks aren’t short on water craft.

it also struck me that it looks kind of…junky.  and old.  but inside it’s nice!  and hopefully they have more luck with it than we ever did…

ok then,

mrs. mid-October already hughes.