this is how dazzling the pontoons looked after much cleaning and scrubbing and polishing.

shiny boat

and here’s david and kevin, hard at work.

kevin and david

kevin and david, plus mollie and honey, who wanted to be right there making sure nothing was done without them.


yesterday was very exciting for mollie because there was lots and lots of barking to be done as she sat there standing guard over everything. not to mention the people coming and going, plus of course the fire.

then there was last night, when we had people over for a mother’s day dinner, which meant there were people plus grilling which of course made her day. she worked herself up into a frenzy of snacking excitement. the last thing i gave her was a very small amount of leftover curried pasta salad, the remains of which were thrown up on the carpet this morning.

but like i said, no mouse parts.

kevin did take a couple of photos during dinner last night, but mom and amy will be thrilled that i’m not posting them. there’s one which features all three pairs of mom’s and amy’s and my legs, and in the photo it’s all too obvious that all six legs are identically tree-trunk in appearance. so we’ll spare everybody that vision.

ok already,