on Wednesday, morning, june 13th, we unveiled the boat and got ready to launch her.  a very exciting morning!

yes, we’re very proud of the boat.

there are four levels of emissions, and we’re second from the top, at ultra-low.  I think the top one is ultra super stupendously low or something like tha.

here’s kevin, about to do everything to get the boat into the water.

I took a video, since there was nothing else for me to do while the boat was backing into the water.


and I soon set sail, whoo hoo!

it was an amazingly easy and quiet ride, and kevin was waiting at the dock to help me tie it up.  the water is so high!

we then called mom and took our first ride.  kevin drove for a bit and mom said “I won’t drive the boat for a while…

…and it took her about five minutes to decide she wanted to drive after all.

a good time was had by all.

we’ve been out on the boat every day, sometimes twice a day.  Friday night we took our first ride with a few guests, and were out til well after dark.  yesterday mom and I went for an hour-long ride in the morning before it got blistering hot, and we haven’t been out yet today.  is the whole summer going to be ridiculousy hot?  maybe so.

but it’s also going to rain quite a bit I think, which means the water level will remain high, which means we can keep the boat in for a good long time.  hopefully it’ll still be out on the water when it’s so chilly we have to wear jackets and hats; that’d be a novelty.

ok then,

mrs. really lazy on a sunday is it afternoon already? hughes