this is the september day when we launched the sailboat. and “we” is used very loosely, because you’ll see that really, kevin did all the work.

here he is, seeing how far down the water is.

now, backing the boat into the water.

well, this is my job – holding onto the rope so the boat doesn’t drift out to sea when it’s launched.  “but if it starts to get away from you,” said kevin, “just let go, because you don’t wanna fall in!”

so not only is my job ridiculously easy, but kevin is even fine with me totally failing at it.

adjusting the winch thing.

me, still holding onto the rope as the boat slips into the water.

he got the boat a lot of the way in, but he had to get out of the car to do more stuff.  this is always the point when i think OH MY GOD I’M SURE THE CAR IS GOING TO GO OUT OF GEAR AND PLUNGE BACK INTO THE WATER.

so far this hasn’t happened.

the boat is now way down into the water.

kevin, busily making yet more adjustments.

me, holding onto the rope.

well, not only was i holding onto the rope, but i was also managing to take pictures with my phone without dropping it into the water.

the boat is now in the water, so kevin gets the life jacket out of the cabin.

starting up the motor, so he can putt putt putt back to the dock.

and he’s off!

here, he’s going the exact opposite direction towards our house, but it’s just to turn around.

i’m trying to quickly take photos before i race back to the house in the van so i can get a shot of him coming into the dock.  here he is waving…

but then, WHERE DID HE GO??? did he jump overboard without me seeing?

nope, whew, he was just getting something out of the cabin.

and there he goes!  and i ZOOM back on the lake road, being mindful to not lose the trailer in back of the van, although that would be a difficult thing to do, much more difficult than dropping my phone in the water.

i get home, but it’s too late!  he’s already docking.

and he ties it up, and everything is good.

and that’s all for this morning.

well, except for these few photos…yesterday morning i was suddenly really, really sad about mollie; i guess i’ve been really sad this whole time, but it just hit me really hard yesterday and i went into a downward spiral of sadness.

she was just so good, and darling, and she died much too young.

here she is, one of our pontoon boat-launching times.

and here she is after some halloween party.

such a very good dog.  friendly and happy and so cheerful all the time.


ok then,

mrs. friday hughes.