and it’s actual, real excitement, not just the excitement of imminently getting an updated site! – plus i changed the banner this morning, which i haven’t done in two years.  i still miss our sweet mollie a lot, but i’m trying to climb outta this sort of rut i’ve been stuck in for way too long.

anyway, real excitement – yesterday afternoon, kevin was napping, a good thing, his eye needs to heal, napping is good for that.  i went out to water plants on the front porch, was out there for maybe 10 minutes.  when i came back, kevin came in from outside, and this is his tale:

as he dozed, he heard lester meowing, but in a muffled way.  he looked up to see les as the back window with a chipmunk in his mouth.  kevin hurried out back, and les brought the chipmunk over to him.  kevin had ahold of les’s jaw, trying to keep him from chomping down and killing him.

les dropped the chipmunk, probably trying to get a better grip, and the chipmunk bolted for the bushes, but then turned and headed straight up kevin’s pant leg!  but les thought he’d gone for the bushes, so he dived in after him.

meanwhile, the chipmunk climbed up the back of kevin’s shirt, right up to the top of his head!  and there he sat, or maybe he was standing? as kevin slowly backed his way towards the fence, keeping an eye on les who was still burrowing around in the bushes!

it’s a tragedy that i missed the sight of the chipmunk on kevin’s head!  he got close enough to the fence so that the little guy jumped down and scampered away.

kevin says the chipmunk did something called a “buttonhole” maneuver, which you do in football, and i said that since i didn’t watch football, i  didn’t realize that they had a maneuver involving running up the other guy’s pant leg and sitting on his head!

so even though we’re not hiking in wales or anything different like that, things remain EVER EXCITING here, right in our own back yard.

this morning when i got up, les had a chipmunk in his mouth, and when i went outside he dropped it and i managed to pick Les up and the chipmunk scurried for the fence.  i hope this isn’t the same one?  if it is, maybe he has a death wish.  or maybe just not the brightest chipmunk on the block.

ok then,

mrs. saturday morning it’s almost 11 a.m. and i’m still in my jammies hughes.