the other morning, still feeling crummy and WHEN am i going to be all better???, i was thinking that i’d write a post called “blegh.”  and then i started thinking about that word, blegh, which totally described how i was feeling…who invented the spelling of that word?  english is such a funny language, isn’t it, with all the crazy spellings; it sees it would be so difficult to learn english if you’re from somewhere else, because of all the huge amounts of randomness abounding.

this morning i opened up my computer to see that the reason that plane crashed in france is because the co-pilot locked the pilot out and then smashed it into the alps.  a sobering start to the day.

then i read my favorite “mutts” comic, and the daily quote at the end was

Nowadays men lead lives of noisy desperation.

James Thurber

this is fascinating, that it’s written by james thurber, one of my favorite authors, who was born in 1894!

men have been leading lives of noisy desperation for a very long time, haven’t they?

ok, gloom and doom, gloom and doom, here’s something that makes me smile:

gotta love that ballard street!  read a comic every day, think happy thoughts.

ok then,

mrs. thursday already i haven’t done a damn thing all week and am going a little stir-crazy from the sickness hughes.