so this morning even though i should be doing a bunch of cooking for tonight, instead i’m sitting here being SO BLEEPING MAD at wordpress.  it won’t let me upload any photos, still, and it’s been almost a week now and it makes me SO BLEEPING MAD.

isn’t it funny how now everybody knows that BLEEPING is something that our soon-to-be-ex governor said?  a paraphrase of all his swearing? and everybody around the world, a kid on the street in sri lanka or tazmania or timbuktu, they all know about our crazy governor.


i haven’t watched the video of his press conference yesterday yet, but i’ve heard all about it.  he said something like he was pleased by all the media attention?  not those words exactly, but the fact that he made an announcement appointing somebody to the senate post when his lawyer already said he wouldn’t – and what’s with roland buris, anyway?  from what i’ve read (mostly on the CAPITOL FAX BLOG.COM), it seems that roland is a nice enough guy, but he lost out on being governor about three times.  there was also talk of him having contributed quite a bit to blago, but he wasn’t on blago’s list of people to nominate, which would make one assume that he wasn’t offering hard cash for the position.

it seems that blago must have picked burris because he wanted to make everybody mad, and there was something on the news last night saying that he did it to drive obama to consternation.  blago must have figured that by selecting an upstanding black guy, they’d HAVE to let him be the senator.  blago even said something about not “lynching” burris just because of blago’s “alleged” issues.

such a weird and reprehensible man, our governor.  it is also mystifying as to why, exactly, burris would be so happy to say that he’d like to be the senator.  it appears that his quest for power and position had to utterly block any rational thought on his part.

crazy days indeed, on this LAST DAY OF THE YEAR.

i was just making this delicious new recipe; it’s homemade polenta, which isn’t as labor-intensive to make as i thought it would be, it’s just corn meal stirred a lot in a mixtue of broth and water, and then i added fresh parmesan and butter and poured it into a pan and spread a layer of spinach mixed with blue cheese on it and then a layer of fresh mozzarella and then another layer of polenta.  then it cools all day, then i cut it up into little bars and fry them.

it sounds very delicious to me, and i’d eat one right now if they were ready.

maybe i should add a recipe section to this website.  or better yet, i could have some cooking videos.  like making french bread, which is really the easiest thing in the world to make, but i tried to give my friend wanda a recipe of it with what were i thought very good directions, but hers came out all wrong.  and she’s a really good cook.  so clearly you need a video.

maybe i’ll do that today, after cooking and being mad at wordpress, i’ll make some videos.

not that i could put them up here anyway.

ok ok ok, happy new year’s eve morning,