right now kevin is working RIGHT OVER MY HEAD, caulking some of the many many many nail holes in the living room. i should be HELPING HIM RIGHT NOW.

i woke up at 5 a.m. mollie jumped up in bed with me, nuzzling my right side and lying down against me. winnie then curled up on my left shoulder, so i was once again sandwiched in. i then heard honey come in through the doggie door, but it was a pretty big noise and i decided she probably wasn’t alone. winnie sat up and looked very intense, so he clearly also knew something was up.

he bounced off the bed and then i heard lots of thumping and noise in the kitchen and figured that some poor animal was being played with, and i prayed that the animal was dead. i slept fitfully with weird dreams of honey dragging a large creature down the hall into the room, and mollie jumping up onto the bed with a big bone in her mouth.

finally, i heard a “cheep” and mollie heard it too and bounded out of bed. this woke kevin up. THANK GOD KEVIN WOKE UP SO HE CAN DEAL WITH IT.

i went back to sleep.

when i got up, he said that when he got into the kitchen a bird was flying around, but then it stuck its beak into the floor next to the refrigerator and mollie lunged for it. kevin made her back off, and then winnie took a turn trying to get the bird, and honey was right there ready for the kill.

i don’t know how he did it, but kevin managed to corral all the bloodthirsty animals and open the back door so the very traumatized bird could fly away.

on saturday morning randy and jim were vigorously roofing and then randy SMACKED his thumb with his hammer and lots of blood squirted out everywhere and he had to stop for the day. our roof is covered in plenty of blood now, i hear; i wonder if the house inspector will note that in his report? we’re getting the house pre-inspected next week, but maybe it will rain and wash away the blood by then.

it’s very dangerous around here.

ok then,

wednesday grace.