after being so annoyed with the nutty/snide comments about my Barack Obama video, i didn’t want to look at the incoming messages from You Tube about it. I ignored a message that was posted Wednesday, but tonight decided to look at the messages because there was yet another one in my inbox and i figured maybe the crazy people wouldn’t be so crazy when writing to me, personally, instead of posting their own diatribes about why they don’t like obama or that they think i’m crazy or whatever.

MY TWO NEW MESSAGES WERE FROM OBAMA’S OFFICE! I can’t tell you how GREAT this felt – i made the video because i figured it would be fun, and i hoped it might get people to pay attention to the message that they should get out and vote. i wanted it to be funny and different, because that’s what i enjoy doing, making people laugh.

i had no idea i’d get all those annoying negative comments. what kind of nasty, humorless person wastes his time and energy saying unpleasant things about something meant to merely make people smile? clearly there are plenty of folks completely devoid of humor out there. too bad for them. i do my best to ignore them.

here’s the message i got from a woman in the Obama office on Wednesday:

Hi Grace,

Thanks for getting in touch and sending us that awesome video!. The support and energy of people like you fuel this movement, so thank you for being integral to the amazing strength of this grassroots campaign–let’s keep it up!

and here’s the message that yet another woman from his office sent me today:

Hi Grace. Thank you for your creativity and enthusiasm. We’re glad that you’ve taken the time to get in touch and share your video.

this woman went on to list the way i can post my video to the obama website. of course i started trying to do that immediately, but i have to use kevin’s computer and it’s saturday night and we had dance rehearsal until a couple of hours ago so i think it can wait till morning.


ok then,

Obama supporter grace.