bev gave me a fabulous barack obama book for my birthday.  it’s not BY barack obama, it’s ABOUT him, and it has lots of photos in it which makes it quite great.  it even includes a photo of the obamas’ wedding.

i got way too many gifts for my birthday.  randy gave me a beautiful red summery dress, and i got WAY too much chocolate which i don’t know what to do with right at the moment except hope that i don’t open it all up and eat it right away.  amy and jim gave me a book called “the power of now,” which is a LIFE-CHANGING BOOK and i need to READ IT RIGHT AWAY.  HURRY UP!  at least that’s what amy says.  i actually did start reading it, after spending quite a bit of time thumbing through the photos in the barack obama book, and “now” seems like it’s going to be good, and who can’t use a little life-change in their life?  so far it’s talking about trying to be in the present moment, which of course is an excellent thing to try to achieve.

i do think that i’ve been in the present moment a lot lately because of the focus on moving.  after we installed that new window, we had to re-stretch the carpet and tack it back down.  here’s me and mollie, hard at work doing that.

mollie has been very helpful with all of the work.  the other day i noticed that she has a nice smattering of white paint in her tail, proof that she’s doing her part.

after the carpet was stretched, the baseboard trim had to be re-attached, and who better for the job than mom?

randy bravely went back up on the ladder even though he’d smashed his thumb before, injuring himself in the line of duty.  this time he had to scoop up all of the debris leftover from the roofing.  look how cheerful he is about it!

we celebrate my birthday on sunday evening, but sunday morning, kevin got dressed up for cowboy shooting.  i love this picture of him because he’s wearing all this authentic-looking cowboy garb, but he’s also carrying his cell phone and a baggie full of chocolate chip cookies that i made for him.

mollie is peeking around the corner, praying that the bag will fall and she can swoop in and eat all the cookies in a single gulp.

the garden continues to look more and more beautiful; kevin says it’s better than it has ever been.  isn’t it ironic that we’ll be leaving?

here’s the circle garden and the clematis climbing up the back fence.  right now everything is purple, but the color will change soon as new things open.

of course, here’s the reality of the rest of the yard, reminding me that we’re not quite at the point of ready to move just yet.

yes, the backyard is still a horrible mess, but the front yard looks pretty good.  here are more lovely flowers.

i’m going to go running now.  THAT’S RIGHT, RUNNING.  i tentatively ran and walked for a half hour yesterday, and wasn’t writing in pain from my back.  i was going to start out a little more slowly and only run every other day BUT I CAN’T HELP MYSELF.  plus my back doesn’t hurt at all this morning.  plus mollie will be very excited about running two days in a row.

later today i have to redeem my baskin robbins FREE BIRTHDAY CONE, because the coupon expires today.  i must not forget to do this Very Important Thing!  maybe kevin and i will go after i take him to get a shot in his knee.

last week he got the first in a series of five shots in his knee.  it’s some kind of joint fluid therapy and i think it’s supposed to be like liquid cartilage although i’m not sure.  the doctor gave it to him because the cortisone he’d injected about a month ago didn’t do anything for him.  his MRI indicated that there’s no more tearing of the meniscus, so the doctor decided to try this.

i went with kevin to get the shot last week, and it didn’t seem like such a big deal.  kevin and i walked to the appointment desk to book the rest of the sessions and we walked out to the car, and i noticed that he was lagging behind me a little.  when he finally got into the car he yelled OWWWW!  which was alarming.

“it hurts that bad?” i asked.  YES! OWWWWW! i had no idea – why didn’t you say it hurt when he was giving you the injection?  I’M SUPPOSED TO BE A TOUGH COP!  OWWWWWW!

hmm.  wouldn’t the doctor want to know if it hurt that bad?

it continued to hurt that night, and on friday he went home early because of the continuing pain.  but then on saturday the pain went away, and for a few lovely days he was pain-free, for the first time since, well…October, when he fell.  he says it hurts somewhat today, but we’re going for yet another injection and hopefully the injection itself won’t be as painful.  but THIS time i’m going to ask him if it hurts, right there in front of the doctor.

and then we’ll get ice cream.  if he’s able to walk without agonizing pain.

i guess i could get the ice cream for him.  ice cream is sure to help the pain.

ok then,

thursday grace