i got up and started furiously working on a new banner for march, which i should have done YESTERDAY, but i realized there’s no way it’s going to be finished in the next two minutes, when i have to close the computer and rush around a lot.

plus i have a ridiculous amount of photos of the new flooring plus all the other work we’ve been doing on the whole house…i think i haven’t started posting the photos because there are so many that it seems daunting, plus i wanted to wait til everything was finished.  it’s not done of course, probably never really will be, but things do look good.

i WILL make some time today to at least finish the new banner, but right now i feel i won’t have time to sit down til after 5.  and really, at that point i’ll have to take mollie for some kind of walk.

but you never know, maybe a break will appear in my day somehow.

i was looking at photos from last march and there are all kinds of flowers blooming.  right now snow is falling and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be up past the 30s for the next week.  so march is coming in like a lion, i suppose…isn’t this the month for in like a lion, out like a lamb?

plus i MUST go down and take some photos of the lake, because with all the rain and snow it’s definitely rising quite a bit, so that bodes well for lots and lots of boating this summer.

ok then,

i am now two minutes behind schedule,

mrs. friday morning hughes.