i can’t really give you any explanation at all why it’s been so long since i’ve written on here.  i have had some free time, but just haven’t…written anything.

so, all i can say is, BAD BAD BAD!

one day last week randy called to say “i guess you’re officially not writing anything on your site anymore,” and i just said “yep,” and then meant to write, but…didn’t.


i have been taking pictures, though, and although i feel pretty overwhelmed about all the posting i must do to JUST CATCH UP, i do think it’s possible, somehow.



she said that all she wanted for her birthday was rain, and the rain started last night, so she’s happy.

as are we all…this morning i went down to the dock to take the pictures for this month’s banner.  the lake has noticeably risen since yesterday evening, and we’re supposed to get even more all day, plus tonight and maybe even tomorrow.

so many photos, including kevin’s birthday and the fair…but first, here’s our last boat ride of the year, on JULY 26th.  crazy early to get the boat out of the water – i erroneously wrote that we took our last ride on AUGUST 26th, because taking the boat out in july seems crazy. the water was so low that kevin was afraid we wouldn’t be able to get it out of the water at the boat ramp.

it was a bittersweet ride.

it was a beautiful night – here’s the view from the dock.

as you can see, the back of the boat was level with the dock.  crazy low.  i don’t know who was more excited about the boat ride, mollie or erica.  probably erica, since she wasn’t the one to fall overboard when trying to disembark the other time.

erica with her beverage of choice.

there were threats of rain, and the sky was beautiful.

kevin had a pretty good time, too.

mollie most enjoys the boat when it’s not hot and the lake is calm.  i’m pretty sure it was mighty warm that night, but the water was smooth.

there were three, maybe four drops of rain, so we headed back home.

it didn’t rain at all, of course.

here’s how low the water looked the next day, as i sailed away for the last time of the summer.

it seems that we had just had the boat fixed and took it out on the water, and then we were taking it right back out again.

the brown, brown grass.

i took this as kevin hoisted the boat out of the water with the van.

it was funny to be up in the boat as we were pulled out of the water.  and by “we,” i really mean “me,” because we decided it wasn’t a good idea to take mollie with us.

it was relatively quick and painless, because kevin did most of the work.

maybe, though, since all of this rain, we’ll be able to get the boat back out?  it could we warm for a long time this fall.

here are a whole bunch of random phone photos from the month.

first, the always-nervous lester.

that little blur is david’s new kitten.  she was a crazy, hysterically funny little thing, and made les paul seem totally lethargic.  she refused to stay still for even one instant so we could get a good picture of her.  she was constantly squirming and climbing, nipping and running around like a maniac. super cute.  maybe sometime i will get a picture of her that you can actually see.

here’s kevin, beating the drum in the outer lobby of osaka on his birthday.

winnie, momentarily at peace down at the dock cause he’s away from the terrorizing chester.

but then, how could chester be bad?

we were driving home one evening and this deer was so very close to the car; if i’d had an ear of corn with me, i bet it would have eaten out of my hand.

randy and i went to the fair on the first sunday, and it wasn’t really hot, and it was cloudy, and we happened to be there when they had the high dive show.  can you see the guy waaaaay up there?  really high up, and he was diving into a pool that wasn’t really so deep.

i can’t believe i was able to catch the dive on my phone.  the people next to the pool are splashing the water, to make waves so that…what?  why were they doing that?  it had something to do with the diver’s safety, must have been so he’d…know where the water was?  hmm, not clear about that.

as amy continues to be ALL ABOUT ZUMBA, we get to do exciting things.  well, this one was doing zumba down at the old state capitol for “national dance day,” something that had been dreamed up by some TV person in order to promote fitness.  i think it was somebody from the TV show “so you think you can dance.”  it might have been from “dancing with the stars” or “dance dance dance” or “dance your ass off” or “dancing for dummies.”  there sure a lot of dance reality shows.  anyway, these reenactors get paid to be at the old state capitol, and they took part in the dance and it was pretty fun.  amy was right down front and center during the dance, which is good because she was the best and cutest.

they showed a few seconds of it on “so you think you can dance,” and somebody told me that this is the only clip they showed from all of illinois.

i guess i will have to find the youtube clip and put it up here.

here’s me at the fair, this time with mom on the last saturday.  we were going to go on friday, but i was still kind of out of it from the horrible gum grafting nightmare.

luckily, by saturday i was feeling good enough to eat plenty of delicious and nutritious fair food.

here’s a cute llama.

i had looked at the schedule of events online before we went to the fair, and was intrigued by the baton-twirling contest.  i’d never seen one, so we searched for the barn where they were being held.

erica was with us, and when we got there she said, “gee, i wish i could twirl a baton as good as these girls.”

well, SHE COULD.  as we sat there watching for a while, NONE of the girls managed to hold onto the baton for the entire routine.  some of them were more spectacular with their drops, as the baton fell and rolled across the floor and they scurried after it.

most of the time, there were two different girls competing at once, each with their own set of dour-faced judges.

also, none of the girls seemed to have the faintest idea of what rhythm might be; nobody seemed to be in time with the music in any way.

a lot of them had very nervous smiles plastered on their faces, but they were all just smiling with their mouths, not their eyes.  most of them gave up on the smiling intermittently as they struggled to keep going.

i’d have to say it was very entertaining and i’d definitely seek it out again next year.  maybe it’ll be better?  but not as entertaining.  bev says that baton-twirling used to be huge, with big baton-twirling squads that came from all over illinois to compete.  now that would be exciting!  but i guess baton-twirling is becoming a lost art.

we stopped by to see randy’s brother, elvis himselvis, as i happily spooned up a delicious wine slushee.  wine slushees are really the only beverage i buy at the fair anymore.

erica had to leave, but mom and i stopped by the arts and hobbies building.  unfortunately, bev didn’t enter ANYTHING AT ALL THIS YEAR, so no more blue ribbons this year.  she was much too busy.  i wonder if she’ll enter next year?

we saw these beautiful pitchers but mom couldn’t recall what they’re called, so here’s the photo for dad, so he will be able to ascertain.

and here’s the BIGGEST CABBAGE EVER.

i love all those fruit and vegetable displays.

there are many, many more august photos, but they will have to wait.  NOT FOR A WHOLE MONTH, but i have to get busy with many other things this morning.

ok then,

mrs. first day of the month hughes.