i started the month working on the back windows/door. It had been on my to-do list last summer and it never happened; it seemed kind of overwhelming. i did scrape the windows a little, but that’s it.

So on August 1st, here’s how the windows looked when i finished scraping. Yeah, old and bad.

it took quite an effort to scrape way up there at the peak; i have a bit of a fear of being high on a ladder, but i managed to get it all scraped.

here’s the whole thing, pre-painting.

my hosta stick garden that day, aug. 1st. it was already looking much better.

ta da! i finally finished it up on the 9th. the white windows on the right look like no big deal, but they look so great after being so chipped. i had thought of painting that triangle red; last year i bought the red paint. it looks especially nice because of the red swing.

here’s the hosta garden today; they’re starting to bloom all over the place, nice.

after i’d spent a few hours scraping the house on the 1st, i had people over for a long boat ride.

i’d never seen this house on the other side of the lake. i think it’s awesome with so many windows plus the glass-enclosed railing.

this is what they were looking at:

a lovely time was had by all, and we stayed out til after dark and enjoyed the lake at night, one of my favorite things.

ok then,

end of summer g.