of course we celebrated, but i didn’t wish him a happy birthday here.

It feels like this summer has gone by quicker than i ever remember. but then again, my memory is pretty poor at the best of times, so maybe last year also flew by.

Hopefully the ridiculously hot heat has already happened in july, and maybe August will be pleasant.

We finally found the restaurant Motorheads:

It’s been open for 14 months, the waitress told us, and it’s pretty close to us, but we’d dragged our feet in getting there.

we’re glad we found it – the food is good, there’s some decent outdoor seating, and the huge amount of stuff in the place is a wonder to behold. there are all kinds of cars and car parts and car-related stuff, plus so many old Springfield things.

out back was this awesome sign, a restaurant i remember fondly from so many years ago.

Next door they have a “museum,” filled with even more stuff, and there was a big hand-drawn poster from 1970. i don’t know why i didn’t take a shot of the whole thing, but here’s the part about the lake.

hmm, i see that it says that we have the “nation’s most up-to-date water purification plant.” i wonder if this could be true – just yesterday i was watering the flowers on the dock and had to use a bucket because my watering can had broken. when i pulled the bucket up from the water i could see that the water was a very icky yellow-brown color. yuck.

Inside Motorheads was a menu from Top’s Big Boy, which i have good memories of. There’s also the big Tops sign on the wall, and the Big Boy himself.

we’ve been to the place about six times now in about three weeks, and would have gone again Friday night but the place was too packed.

Meanwhile, back in kitty land…Les and Riley have taken to sleeping on targets. because they’re so comfy.

Sweetie doesn’t spend much time with us in the living room, but i’m sure that’ll change when the weather gets colder and she gets more used to us. right now she spends at least 85% of her time out in the fenced yard, and also a lot of time sleeping on the screened porch. she still hisses and swipes at Riley sometimes, but the other day all three were happily asleep on the porch. soon they’ll be the best of friends.

i went to see “hairspray” at the Legacy Theatre for a second time because it was so fantastic, and on the way home we were stopped by a train. it was hands-down the most interesting train stop i’ve ever seen; here’s one of the giant propellers for a windmill. that’s all that was on the train, just one giant propeller after another.

Here’s a little video of the sight.

On July 25th we took a nighttime boat ride, one of my favorite things.

finally, further proof that Riley continues to find it hard to mellow out.

whew, that’s all for now.

mrs. early to mid august hughes.