i can’t believe we’re already on the backside of august.  whooosh…

even though i spent the first part of july lying around because of bronchitis, i did manage to mosey down to the water, where les continued to enjoy the sailboat. this is on july 5th, the day after we did nothing to celebrate the 4th of july because i had no energy for it.


this is the spot he loves the most, probably because it’s highest up, and he can survey the land.


but he also enjoys staring out to sea.


i wonder if he can see the fish under the water?  probably not, but there are lots of little ripples where they’re swimming around.  kevin is wearing the green flash t-shirt i got him on captiva island, FL, when mom and i went there a few years ago.  then kevin and i returned to the same spot.  hmm, i bet captiva would be lovely this winter….


i liked the way les draped his paws over the side.


look at that green lawn!  this is the first summer in a while that everything has been green all summer because of the massive amounts of rain.  it’s still just as green now!


contemplative kitty.


the great news is that our pontoon boat has finally been fixed, after languishing all summer long at the boat fixer’s shop.  it was unbelievably filthy when we got it back and i spent many hours cleaning it up.

last night, erica and kim and i went for a lovely nighttime boat ride.  it had been such a long time since i’d been out on the water after dark.  it was fantastic.  during the day boats are always speeding hither and yon, maybe to avoid the heat, maybe to show off, it’s hard to say.  maybe just because they enoy the speed.

but the funny thing is that last night, the handful of boats who were out were just bobbing around, not even moving.

this was on the other side of the lake, under the vachel lindsay bridge.  when we got back to our side, there were literally no other boats anywhere.  the moon was full and orange.  we turned off the motor and enjoyed the quiet.

and that is all for this later in august morning.

ok then,

mrs. g. hughes.