So, July…well, here’s a few photos from the beginning of the month.

First, Riley. in June I posted a photo of Riley in my re-purposed my clothes basket , which was so long ago…Riley still enjoys climbing inside sometimes. Sweetie just likes to stretch on it and scratch it furiously.

Lovey…wow, she was actually lying in the living room! She hasn’t done that really at all when i’m at home, and i’m at home a lot. she’s starting to warm up to me and maybe when the weather gets cold she’ll be more interested, as opposed to completely terrified of me.

Same day, July 2nd, a lovely boat ride.

A day later, Lovey and Les Paul chilling in the front hall. She’s not really afraid of the other cats, just me. Yesterday morning i went up to the front bedroom and Lester was lying on one kitty tower in front of a window and Lovey was lying in the other one. Just hanging out. Of course, because i showed up to close the windows, Lovey anxiously jumped off her tower and scuttled under the bed to safety.

Here’s the heated cat house that kevin bought for Lovey last winter. She appreciated it greatly during the cold weather and Kevin first brought it onto the screened porch when she moved inside but then he moved it next to the couch, because the room wasn’t quite full enough of places for the kitties to relax.

Of course Riley wanted to settle down inside. I think he’ll probably like it even more in the winter when maybe kevin will turn the heat on in there.

And speaking of heat…here’s Kevin, so hard at work on the back half of the old part of the house. This is July 3rd, and man was it hot while he worked, peeling off the old shingles.

I was surprised to see this picture because i don’t remember this mink darting across the boards leading to the dock. crazy that i got a good shot, and crazy that i don’t remember it.

and that’s how things are now, crazy all around. It’s weird to think that it’s been over five months since everything collapsed, and I mostly just stay home. On thursday, Amy, Mom and I went to TJ Maxx and it was really weird to be in a store that wasn’t a grocery store, which is the only place i’ve been except Lowe’s. It was very well-organized and well managed at TJ Maxx, with a person outside the store stand giving out masks and hand sanitizer, if you needed it. And somebody right when you went in with a clean cart that they then cleaned for you again.

Exciting times.

It’s just weird that everything is weird now. Watching something on TV, and people are crowded together at restaurants or whatever and we say, “don’t do that anymore.

Anyway, my hope is to start posting on here before another few months slip by and there’s snow on the ground.

ok then, ok,

grace h.