people have asked me today, “are you excited?”  “are you nervous?”

well…i guess maybe a little of both, but it’s still such a long long time from now that i’ll actually be walking out on stage.  about five hours, actually.

that’s a mighty long time.  10:00 is frequently my bedtime.


yep, boobs are lit.  there was a big problem the other night cause the big heart covering my crotch wouldn’t light, and i had a fun going around saying I WON’T GO ONSTAGE IF MY CROTCH DOESN’T LIGHT UP!

the very nice costume lady, cindy, assured me that they’d get it fixed.  she then showed it to the awesome hair and makeup guy, duane, who figured out that a wire had broken – my entire costume is all hooked together with wires cause there are little metal things in my gloves, and when i touch them together i light up.  so the left glove has to be hooked to the rest of the costume, which means i have to put the whole thing on at the same time, plus it’s VERY VERY DELICATE, and i probably broke the wire when i was standing onstage with my hand on my hip.  i won’t be doing that anymore!

but anyway,duane said it could be soldered so i called kevin who OF COURSE has a soldering gun, so i brought the whole thing home and he fixed it.

i have to be very careful and handle it all very gingerly, cause if my crotch doesn’t light up the number will be RUINED.  well, ok, maybe not actually ruined, but it won’t be as funny.

the costume looks like it’s been around for a very, very long time, and it looks like whoever was wearing the gloves before chewed on them a lot.  plus there a suspicious stain on one that looks suspiciously like blood.  i try not to think about it.

meanwhile…i’m also trying not to think about how naked i’m gonna look on the stage, with people watching.  so far i’ve just pretended it’s somebody else in the mirror when i look, and i have to look, because just look at all that crazy hair!

i took this picture last sunday at orchestra rehearsal.  there’s mary kate up there in the upper left, and matthew vala is conducting, and the orchestra is fabulous.

so yeah, we open tonight but i plan on taking a nap pretty soon and have some dinner and i’ll leave the house at 8:00…WHEN THE PLAY IS STARTING!  which is a funny feeling, and it makes me a little anxious, knowing that it will have already started and i’ll just be driving to the show.  but when i get there, i’ll still have about an hour and a half or more before my grand entrance, and it only takes me maybe 20 minutes to get ready.

and then i’m not on stage so long, and then that’s that.  will we at least go out and have a drink after?  but on the other hand, won’t it be close to midnight by the time we get outta there?

so i hope you can make it, cause i’m probably not going to be posting any full-length photo of me up here because i just can’t.

meanwhile, back in reality…

wednesday, we took mollie to the u of i for more chemo.  before that, though, carolyn, who is dressie tessie tura, and i were on the jim leach radio show.  so kevin and mollie drove me downtown and carolyn and i talked for a few minutes on the show but luckily carolyn did most of the talking, and then we drove to champaign.

and every time we have to hand her leash over to the very nice oncology tech, jenny, we get really, really sad.

because she’s getting the “rescue chemo,” her appointments are now extra long – we left her about 10:20 and didn’t pick her up til almost 4:30.  a very long day for our poor dog to be stuck a the vet, getting an IV.

we got her two burger patties from the DQ and gave them to her in the car before we headed home.  she was delighted.

the good news is that her lymph nodes aren’t any more enlarged than three weeks ago, and a few are slightly smaller.  last time they were all enlarged more.  last time was a very bad time, but so this time wasn’t so bad.

we took a nice walk this morning and she furiously sniffed for bunnies but didn’t actually spot any.  right now she and two out of three kitties are sleeping here on the screened porch.

and les paul…well, although he’s the most darling kitty on the planet, he is also VERY VERY BAD…but no time for that story now.

maybe tomorrow.

ok then,

mrs. stripper hughes.